Gaming group decides to play The Temple of Elemental Evil for AD&D 1st Edition

The Temple of Elemental Evil coverWith Wizards of the Coast releasing a slew of older Dungeons & Dragons books and modules to PDF I jumped on the opportunity to purchase some classics. Amongst the usual culprits of first edition AD&D I found that they had re-released the original Temple of Elemental Evil.

ToEE is one of those iconic modules that is still discussed and debated – usually in hushed tones. Many a gaming group has bravely faced down this monumental campaign and lost many a favourite character in the ensuing madness. It has a reputation as being nearly impossible to complete without a TPK or two along the way.

Needless to say, I’ve always wanted to play it…

We have a thing in our gaming group where we try to play as many games as possible in a year. This means that we usually get through 6 to 12 games every twelve months. It is a great way to keep things fresh and support the gaming industry that we love. Some of us, however, have started to feel like characters are not being developed, and we’re starting to become a little stereotypical in our play. While I don’t necessarily agree with them on all points, I can see where they are coming from.

As we were starting to organise our gaming calendar for the year, I mentioned that I had picked up Temple of Elemental Evil as a PDF. Two members of our group immediately responded that they had inherited copies of it from their fathers or friends.

An idea began to form…

Instead of playing 8-10 new games this year, why don’t we play one iconic campaign that we had all wanted to play using the system that started it all.

No-one disagreed.

So, starting in two weeks, we start off on our adventure through Temple of Elemental Evil. We can barely wait…

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