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Loved this post – Gary Gygax: Gamer, Designer, Pompous Ass, Legend… Wait, what?

This is a post about some of the more problematic character traits that Gygax had written by Anthony Pryor. Don’t worry, we all still love him. There were just a few funny quirks to him is all 😀

Introduction by the author:

I wrote this essay a couple of years ago and have since decided that it’s a bit too snarky to submit to most gaming sites. It is after all a rebuttal to an editorial written over 30 years ago by a man now long-dead and includes long quotations from an article that most people probably no longer care about. On the other hand, I think it’s amusing and fun in a kind of nostalgic way, so here it is, snarkiness toward the father of roleplaying and all. This was roleplaying in 1978. Enjoy.

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Gaming group decides to play The Temple of Elemental Evil for AD&D 1st Edition

The Temple of Elemental Evil coverWith Wizards of the Coast releasing a slew of older Dungeons & Dragons books and modules to PDF I jumped on the opportunity to purchase some classics. Amongst the usual culprits of first edition AD&D I found that they had re-released the original Temple of Elemental Evil.

ToEE is one of those iconic modules that is still discussed and debated – usually in hushed tones. Many a gaming group has bravely faced down this monumental campaign and lost many a favourite character in the ensuing madness. It has a reputation as being nearly impossible to complete without a TPK or two along the way.

Needless to say, I’ve always wanted to play it…

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